Boat Lake Memberships

Boat Lake Memberships
Boat Membership* Family Membership Single Membership
Annual Cable Passes can be purchased by members for their immediate family at a significantly discounted rate of $1,000, normally $1,599. $2000 $1750
Members are permitted to bring guests to the property. However, they may not bring the same guest more than three times in a month.    
The boat lake is limited to private membership and members have access to special cable pass rates, please email us for more details:    

* Pricing subject to change.

Latest News

June 8, 2015

Wake Island's New Aqua Park Is Opened!

Wake Island Water Park, located just west of Roseville, is home to the largest floating AQUA PARK you have ever seen. The equipment is state-of-the-art and it is easy and fun for kids and adults.

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