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untitled shoot-007Wake Island has partners with Sesitec cable systems, a global leader in cable park manufacturing and installation, to bring the west coast it’s first full-sized cable wake park. On Sesitec’s main cable system, riders are pulled around our 9 acre lake by an electric motor mounted on the first of five towers. Riders hold on to waterski ropes, just like they would behind a boat but these ropes are attached to a cable suspended 37 feet above the ground. Riders begin their ride by queuing at the start dock where they can either slide into the water off a ramp or sit on a bench that is suspended above the water. After a rider falls, they simply need to swim to the side of the lake and walk back to the start area with their equipment to queue up for another ride.

The start area is operated by one of our friendly operators, whose job is to manage the collection and distribution of the ropes, as well as to provide guidance to each rider before they begin. Riders are given wrist bands when they check in at our Pro Shop and these bands are used to track each lap ridden and inform the operators if you are out of ride time. Don’t forget to swipe your wrist band before each ride.

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June 8, 2015

Wake Island's New Aqua Park Is Opened!

Wake Island Water Park, located just west of Roseville, is home to the largest floating AQUA PARK you have ever seen. The equipment is state-of-the-art and it is easy and fun for kids and adults.
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